Corporate Benefit Plans offers a wide variety of services and resources in addition to a comprehensive and cost efficient benefits package. One resource we are currently highlighting is the offering of the book .

The book contains a CD-ROM and provides HR departments with a total package on how to successfully retain and educate employees during their orientation period.

Business partnership is our goal. Personal attention to each client is our priority!

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Whether it is
a service or claims issue, our staff
is always available to guide you through
any issues!



Corporate Benefit Plans
We are committed to honest and dedicated personal assistance and service.

Group Benefit Plans



Corporate Benefit Plans provides solutions for your group benefit needs. Based in Worcester, Massachusetts, we have access to major carriers throughout the Commonwealth. Let us help you develop a cost-effective strategy by providing your company with innovative plans for medical, dental, disability, and life insurance.

Corporate Benefit Plans is your complete servicing agent to help solve billing and claims issues through our knowledgeable administrative staff. We are committed to honest and dedicated personal assistance and service.

Corporate Benefit Plans is a nationally recognized brokerage firm headquartered in Massachusetts and is contracted with all the major carriers in the group benefits field. CBP is committed to ensuring that our clients have the best overall benefits program with the lowest rates possible.

With over 30 years of experience, Corporate Benefit Plans has the leverage to cut costs through our negotiations process.

While acting as an extension of the Human Resources department our professional staff assist's in all aspects of employee benefits to guarantee client satisfaction.

Corporate Benefit Plans works to identify new industry trends and development's on the basis of collected data and evaluate various insurance products on the market targeted to your needs.

Our contacts with all the major carriers in the group benefits field give you a complete overview of the best solutions available to you. During open enrollment your employees will learn how your plan operates.

You will recieve :
. Employee education of benefits
. Complete plan administrator support
. Training year round
. Guidance through the renewal process
. Post-sales support

 Let us help you...
.Choose and implement a benefit plan that best suits your company
.Provide assistance throughout the year with any concerns

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